Malbang Hydropower Station

Mal block hydropower station is the national and Qinghai Province key energy projects, but also the national implementation of the "West to East" and "Qingdao power into the Yu" backbone of the power point, Laler Road Tunnel is the Mal block hydropower station Laler Road to rebuild the section of the main project, the tunnel is 1,430 metres long, is an important engineering construction node under the gate storage in October this year. It is an important engineering and construction node for water storage under the bottom gate in October this year.

In order to ensure that the Mar block hydropower station can meet the requirements of the storage of water under the gate, increase equipment investment and a variety of optimisation measures to improve construction efficiency, so that the tunnel in a single day, the maximum footage of 21 m, and in September to reach the peak of the excavation, the monthly footage of 427 m, the effect of light blasting is good, set the Mar block hydropower station chamber excavation of a new record. 5 October, the tunnel on schedule and successfully through.


Ekou Iron Mine


Ekou Iron Mine is a large metal open-pit mine located at the intersection of Daixian County and Fenzhi County, with a temperate continental semi-arid climate. The quarry is located in the northwest of Wutai Mountain on the Horsehair Mountain, with the highest elevation of 2,170 metres, high mountains and deep valleys, treacherous terrain and complex geological structure. Ore deposit form for large-scale sedimentary saddle mountain type magnetite quartzite poor iron ore deposits; geological grade of all iron 29%, of which the magnetic iron grade is only 19%, is a magnetite low poor ore, in the country is a poor resource conditions of the mine. Aiming at the special geographical environment and natural resource disadvantages, Ekou Iron Mine has deepened the reform and achieved leapfrog development by relying on technology and management innovation.

Highway Tunnel Boring


Baolu Expressway is a major transport and poverty alleviation project in Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. The Laoying Tunnel, with a total length of 23,020 metres in two widths, including 11,505 metres in the left width and 11,515 metres in the right width, is the longest tunnel among the highway projects currently under construction in Yunnan Province. As the tunnel spreads along the Nujiang River, it is geologically complex and difficult to construct. Since the project began construction in 2016, the construction unit has overcome the difficulties brought by palm surface fragmentation, water gushing and landslides, increased investment in science and technology, increased geological over-forecasting, used weak blasting, strong support, diligent lining, excavation of pilot holes, inclined shafts, and other measures, to promote the construction of the project at full steam.




Sichuan-Tibet railway tunnel

Sichuan-Tibet Railway through the mountains, bridge-cum-tunnel ratio will be as high as 85% or more, and the entire project's longest and most difficult tunnel is the "Yigong Tunnel", more than 42 kilometres long, so long as how to construct the railway tunnel excavation, slag, support a dragon, and, on average, up to more than 30 metres per day, and, at the same time, the construction of the tunnel construction is very important to ensure the safety of the tunnel. Tunnel construction safety is very important. Although the construction technology has been demonstrated by experts, but, in the high altitude through the tunnel, in addition to face the uncertain environmental factors, the tunnel advances in the process of facing the high temperature and high ground stress is had to face the problem, these problems will be in the excavation process is constantly exposed, waiting for the technical programme to deal with. It can be said that the Sichuan-Tibet Railway is a very long tunnel, the construction difficulty is comparable to the sky, the construction will face a major test.


Taijiao High-speed Railway Tunnel

The total length of Shangdian section of Taijiao High-speed Railway is 27.395 km, with Tianqiao Tunnel, Yangjialing Tunnel, Wugushan No.1 and No.2 Tunnel, and Queensling Tunnel distributed in order from north to south, with a total project volume of 11.413 km, accounting for 41.66%. Tunnel construction, is the top priority of Shangdian HSR project.
 During the tunnel construction of Shangdan High-speed Railway, the whole process of Queen's Ridge Tunnel of China Railway Bureau No.4 Engineering Zone, before and after which lasted for 2 years, witnessed the technical craft of China's high-speed railway tunnelling and the dedication and devotion of the high-speed railway people.


Xiangshan Uranium Mine

The Xiangshan uranium field is located in the north-eastern section of the Chin-Hang metallogenic belt, at the south-western end of the Gan-Hang terrestrial volcanic uranium metallogenic belt, and at the south-eastern side of the Dexing-Suichuan rupture, which is an important hydrothermal-type uranium field in China. In the past, the research work on the Xiangshan uranium field mainly focused on the mechanism of uranium mineralisation and the prediction of ore search, and mainly concentrated on the shallow part of the field. With the implementation of the deeper part of the mine, several deep holes have seen good lead, zinc, copper and other polymetallic mineralisation with high grade, which has reached the value of comprehensive utilisation.

     Drill hole CUSD3 saw lead-zinc-copper and copper polymetallic mineralisation veins at depths of 1095.4 to 1549.2 metres and 1574.2 to 1577.5 metres respectively. Drill hole ZK26-101 showed lead, zinc, silver and other polymetallic mineralisation at a depth of about 330 metres, with a preliminary estimate of lead-zinc-silver resources of 17,000 tonnes of Pb, 0.88 million tonnes of Zn and 76.2 tonnes of Ag respectively.